Specialist for surface treatments for 25 years

Electro Discharge Texturing (EDT)

EDT is a process for surface treatment of work rolls of the cold rolling industry. Using different electrode materials (copper, graphite …), different polarity and modes (capacitive or pulsed) surface roughness’s between 1 and 16 µm can be achieved over the total body length.

Different surface treatments compared to the original ground state (200 x magnified):

Ground original state
Ra = 1,8 µm; EDT cap(-); HV
Ra = 1,8 µm; EDT cap(-); CD
Ra = 2,3 µm; EDT graphit; SF; HV
Ra = 2,3 µm; EDT Grafite; SF; CD
Ra = 3,0 µm; EDT puls(+); SF; HV
Ra = 3,0 µm; EDT pulse (+); SF; CD